Our Vision

We enjoy working with people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to create something new or make change in their field to help move people forward in their own neighborhood and world-wide. We want to be a part of a vision or legacy that will help future generations.


Our Experiences

  • Privately-owned Businesses
  • Start-up Bootstrap
  • Start-up VC-backed
  • High Growth Rate Companies
  • Companies with Financial Problems to Downsize
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Restructuring Companies
  • Not for Profit
  • Publicly-held Companies
  • Government and Pseudo Government Entities

Our History

We have been providing business, financial and operational consulting since 2011.

The principal has 25 years of experience in accounting, finance, business acquisitions, business growth and positioning to business exits. Starting in public accounting firms in Canada and BDO in California, we have experience in many industries:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare and Pharmacy
  • Film, Entertainment and Gaming
  • Sports and Events
  • Service Providers
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Real Estate Development
  • Banking