Accounting and Reporting

Triassic has over 25 years of experience in accounting operations and reporting. We will help you get control of the financial information of your organization for your reporting needs.


The operations of your organization require careful coordination which starts with planning, setting priorities, resource management, work-flow, internal controls, monitoring progress, evaluating outcomes to change and grow.


We are experienced in manufacturing, healthcare, large-scale events and start-up businesses. We prepare detailed plans, and coordinate assets, manpower, and resources, for timely and effective execution of complex operations.

Marketing and Public Relations

Whether it's a creative marketing project, or a great narrative to capture your audience, we make connections and engage your customer to consider your product or service.

We understand that your small business is unique.

Woman Owned Small Business DBE

Triassic Enterprises provides strategic business consulting and managed services to commercial, philanthropic and government organizations. Our experience with start-ups to well-established companies allows us to bring innovation and offer different perspectives to create solutions.

We work to quickly understand your business, determine what your challenges are, create a plan from start to finish and work with you toward your goal.

As a Woman Owned Small Business DBE, we can also team with companies that need to fulfill their minority participation goals.

From starting a business from an idea to revising your financial information to sell a company we can provide services for the full life-cycle of a company. We can help figure it out and fix it.